Studio Barge
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Installation view: The Studio Barge,
by Max Couper 1994
Two mixed media assemblages installed in the hold of a 250 ton converted Thames barge.
Hold dimensions:
305 X 762 X 1615cm (10ft X 25ft X 53ft)

Installation view: Shutter, by Max Couper 1994
Mixed media assemblage. Collection of the London Borough of Wandsworth, permanently on loan. Colour cibachrome print of a shipping container. Archived within an enclosure of movable steel-plates on tracks. Position variable.
Overall 253 X 404 X 6.5cm (8ft X 13ft 3in X 2.5in)

"‘Shutter’ is part of a large series of works. The Container is the object which has made my entire life possible. It was the invention of the Shipping Container, this system of putting everything in boxes, that created the entire redundancy of everything on this part of the river. When containerisation came along in the 1970’s no one needed barges or tugs or wharf’s. Basically the container ships are too big to come up the Thames."

Max Couper, November, 1997

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