Studio Barge
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Installation view:
Split Track, by Max Couper 1994
Movable assemblage. Circular steel-track set into plaster. Archived within a counter-weighted steel-enclosure.
Fully open dimensions:
420 X 300 X 254cm (16.5ft X 9ft 10in X 8ft)

"Split Track is part of a series of works that open and close. This one is basically a steel track set into plaster. I got carried away with the idea of a huge self-folding book, as a piece of furniture. An archive to tracks that go in circles — to things that print, copy, and replicate themselves, like history itself.

The biggest challenge of the building of this was the engineering of it because it is very heavy. Engineering it in such a way that you could open and close it safely. The way it works is that the weights enable it to be lifted up easily, and then to be let it down without any danger. So the weights work both ways.

These barges themselves are also a kind of archive of sorts — containers that open and shut. These pieces came after the experience of creating and designing the roof shutters for the barges."

Max Couper, November, 1997

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