Sky Garden
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Jubilee Fashion Opera Costume,
by Max Couper 2002
Eucalyptus pulp, resin, and dye.
Sky Garden Barge. 1000 ton capacity former Thames wheat barge.
400 X 915 X 3655cm (13ft X 30ft X 120ft)

Sky Garden Barge,
Sculpture Garden, in preparation 2003.

"The size of this barge makes it ideal as a walled sculpture garden.

I called it the Sky Garden, because the eye is immediately drawn up to the sky above, within the frame of the rectangular hold of the barge.

This is unusual in a city, where the eye is normally concerned with what is in front or around. Rarely do people enjoy sky and cloud formations in the city, unlike for example people in the flat open landscape of the East Coast of England."

Max Couper, February, 2004

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