Chart Room
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Installation view: Island Sand Bars Chart, by Max Couper 1994
Marine chart assemblage. Pigment spray paint, acrylic and pen on watercolour paper. Chart case with opening glass panels and travelling plotting instrument.
160 X 453.5 X 10cm (5ft 3in X 14ft 10in X 4in)

"These artworks were all generally made in a day. I tended to start in the morning, for example, in Island Sand Bars Chart, the first process was to use a broom to put the wash across. Then after lunch the pigment went on, and then I sprayed the various colours over the top. It started by accident, I threw pigment onto the paper which suggested islands. I then got in the dingy and rowed across to the village nearby to the car accessory shop, where I bought cans of Vauxhall Ford Nevada, Beige and China Blue, which I then sprayed on over paper masks.

I use dry pigments a lot. These are put on with various tools; sieves, blown on and then hoovered up, etc. I use the car spray paint cans because they are very quick to use."

Max Couper, November, 1997

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