Chart Room
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Installation view: Tactical Rolling Earth, by Max Couper 1994
Land chart assemblage. Pigment, spray paint, pen and acrylic on watercolour paper, chart case with opening glass panels and movable perspex plotting instrument.
161 X 366 X 10cm (5ft 3.5in X 12ft X 4in)

"This piece started when I was at anchor and was thinking about the desert in Peru that I had been in. Then somebody came on-board with a radio. I hadn’t listened to the radio for about a month. I had decided to drop anchor in a remote place — something I like to do every 10 years or so. On the radio I heard a story about the tanks in Kuwait rolling across the desert at that time, so the piece slightly changed its whole direction. I rolled this huge cog across it, from an old crane I used to use, after dipping it in paint, and it took on a militaristic turn."

Max Couper, November, 1997

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