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The Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (MUHKA), 1996
One man exhibition of 20 years artwork by Max Couper, held in permanent trust in London.

The Chart Room installation by Max Couper
The Couper Collection at The Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp The Plot exhibition,
Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, 1996

View of The Plotting Table: steel table with variable plotting instrument and two stellar charts of pigment,
spray paint, graphite, and chalk, on watercolour paper
206 X 460 X 236cm (6ft 9in X 15ft 3in X 7ft 9in)
Photograph: Edward Woodman


View of part of the exhibition, looking through to The Model Room
Charts of pigment, spray paint, acrylic, chalk, and pen, on watercolour paper, enclosed in glass chart-cases. Sand Bars Chart (to right): 160 X 453 X 10cm (5ft 3in X 14ft 10in X 4in)
Photograph: Edward Woodman


Three Balls on a Museum
by Max Couper
Installation outside The Couper Collection exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, 1996.
3 steel balls suspended in a line, hung from the roof onto the front wall of the museum, with the tug in the distance on the quayside.
Each ball 41cm (16in) diameter
Photograph: Edward Woodman

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